Teeth Whitening

We are proud to offer the Zoom! teeth whitening system.

Bleaching or teeth whitening is another type of cosmetic procedure used to brighten the appearance of a person's teeth. Over time, the mineral composition of a person's teeth changes and they become darker, thus whitening can be a conservative approach to creating a younger appearance of one's smile. It can also be used to remove staining that has accumulated through the years due to different diets, smoking or even some antibiotic therapies.

The limit of the whiteness a patient's teeth may achieve varies from person to person. If the desired shade is not attained, other options such as cosmetic veneers may be recommended.

There are multiple types of whitening that can be done. These options are best discussed with your dentist in order to determine which one best suits your particular situation, including the bleaching agent being used such as: hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.