Same Day CEREC Crowns

Crowns are a standard dental procedure, but gone are the day of having to wait weeks. Using state-of-the-art digital scanners and on-site mills your crowns can be ready in minutes! The benefits of Cerec crowns include:

1. They Save You Time: One visit to the dentist’s chair instead of two or three and no waiting for weeks before your crowns are milled means you don’t lose your off-work days to deal with dental problems.

2. No Temporaries Are Needed: Unlike traditional crowns, same day crowns do not require you wear uncomfortable, plastic temporary crowns for up to three weeks while waiting. Temporary crowns often become stained and can make your teeth very sensitive.

3. No Dental Putty Is Involved: Digitally mapping your tooth means that no impression must be made in messy trays or dental putty. Such putty is often ill-tasting, and it is a welcome advance to no longer have to resort to its use.

4. You Get An Exact Fit: Digital scanning and milling are so precise that you can rest assured your crown will fit snugly and align properly with your other teeth. Your bite pattern is taken into account, and every minute detail of your tooth’s contours are incorporated.

5. Same Day Crowns Look Better: Traditional crowns tend to leave you with unsightly black lines running along your gum line—same day crowns will not. CEREC same day crowns come in 17 distinct shades meant to precisely mimic your natural tooth color, and your dentist will help you select the best match.

6. Same Day Crowns Use High-Quality Ceramic: Ceramic keeps the metal out of your mouth, is less bulky than porcelain, and contains no materials that would irritate your teeth or gums. It looks natural, feels natural, and has many of the same properties as tooth enamel. Ceramic is also very durable, less prone to cracking, and it will expand/contract with hot/cold temperatures, allowing you to eat many of your favorite foods.

7. Receive Your Dental Crown in a Single Appointment