Clear Aligner Therapy is a system of clear orthodontic aligners. In certain treatment scenarios, it may be a desirable alternative to traditional metal braces. They are a series of clear aligners that are optimally worn between 22-24 hours per day and changed every 2 weeks. They are removed only to eat, brush and floss your teeth. Because they are made of a clear material, they are virtually invisible. Attachments, which are small tooth colored composite build ups bonded to the patient's tooth may be required to accomplish the desired tooth movements.

Clear Aligner Therapy allow for more adequate home care since they are removable for easier cleaning of both the appliance and the patient's teeth after eating. Another advantage over metal braces is that typical food consumption is not affected. They also require less adjustment and tolerance on part of the patient when learning to with metal wires and brackets that typically cause irritation during the initial phases of traditional orthodontics. Clear Aligner Therapy is a wonderful new treatment option, however, it may not be appropriate for all patients. This cutting edge technology should be discussed with your dentist to determine if this form of orthodontic therapy is right for you.